About the Friends of the Parks of Austin


Friends of the Parks of Austin (Friends) is a volunteer, 501c(3) non-profit organization incorporated in 1985 for the purpose of supporting and helping create a first class park system in Austin, Texas. It encourages and organizes programs for voluntary service in parks and monitors and participates in ongoing decisions relating to all city parks.

Recognizing the importance of parks and open spaces to the aesthetic, social, and economic well-being of the community, Friends of the Parks of Austin has taken an active role in strengthening and improving existing park facilities. It is currently serving as financial trustee for citizen groups improving Great Hills Park, Reed Park, Mayfield Park, elements of Butler Park, and the annual Tarrytown 4th of July Parade , which currently benefits West Austin parks.

Friends is a major and forceful stakeholder in the longstanding project to create and protect Town Lake Park, formerly an asphalt parking area with accompanying Quonset hut City Coliseum. Friends is also serving, since 1986, as sponsor and contractor for the Mayfield Park/Community Project, a community-wide effort to restore the important and historically significant cottage and gardens of Mayfield Park in Central/West Austin.

Friends of the Parks of Austin Board
President, Karen Cannatti
Secretary, Larry Akers
Treasurer, Tom Meserole

Marie Laing
Blake Tollett
Sara Marler


2 Responses to About the Friends of the Parks of Austin

  1. Annick Beaudet says:

    Hello, my name is Annick Beaudet and I work for the City of Austin Public Works Department, Neighborhood Connectivity Division. The focus of our Division is on Pedestrian, Bicycle, Urban Trail, and ADA planning and infrastructure improvements. As such, I am responsible for a named project from the 2010 Bond Election to make bicycle/pedestrian related improvements to Barton Springs Road. Last week and this week I am reaching out to relevant stakeholders on the project to explain the project and gather input. Additionally, the project scope will be presented to the Parks and Recreation Board (PARB) Land and Facilities Subcommittee this evening and to the full PARB on April 24, 2012. I look forward to talking with this group about this exciting capital improvement project that will enhance mobility and quality of life for residents of Austin and implement the goals of many City Departments towards that end. Please have a representative of your group contact me via email or phone, cell 784-3085 office 974-6505, or annick.beaudet@austintexas.gov, should you want more information and or attend the PARB meeting tonight or on April 24th, 2012. Thank you so much!

  2. Cj Zhao says:

    Hi, I run the membership for Austin Chinese-American Network (ACAN), http://www.austinchineseamericannetwork.org/. Even though we were only formally established a few months ago, we now have over 300 paid members and continue to grow.

    We are looking for ways to help Austin community. Since a lot of our members enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, we are wondering if there are group volunteer opportunities, such as cleaning the grounds of Mayfield Park etc.?

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